Month: March 2014

regal decor – inspired by my travels

As I learn more about Scotland, and touch up again on the history of the royal families and the country’s connection with England, France, Canada and more, I imagine how regal the decor was, in the homes of the royalty, dukes and lords;  falling in love mostly with the brilliant colors and  different patterns put together to create esthetically pleasing ambiance.  With that inspiration, I have found some modern takes from here on the regal decor from centuries ago, which I can see adding to any home, if you are into that sort of thing.  

St. Andrews – scotland – day 3

We left Edinburgh for a two day stay in St. Andrews, a proper college town, where Will and Kate  of England (you know the couple) met like any normal or typical college mates, turned sweethearts turned married couple with a child. Very simple indeed 🙂 Anyway, the small town or village, I have to say is cute, a worth see and if you are into golf, for sure an ideal place to visit, especially if you can stay at the Fairmont. We shopped, ate, participated in tea-time and shopped more, a dreary day it was, but it mattered not. The romance of the village  was well worth exploring.

edinburgh scotland – day one

It mattered not the weather is cold for a San Franciscan, we bundled up and left the hotel a little after ten in the morning to do, as usual, a walking tour – not really with any particular place in mind. It was enlightening, beautiful and I returned to my hotel finally after eight at night, understanding the ties between Montreal, Canada and Scotland.  Edinburgh and Montreal are for sure sister cities, very identical in so many ways. Oh and the food in Edinburgh, has to be the best I’ve had in Europe. Sorry Italy and France.