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For The Love of Autumn

If someone were to ask what my favorite season was I’d probably change the order depending on the time of the year. Meaning: In mid-March I’d say Spring was my favorite time of year. In June I’d say summer, and nearing September I would switch to Fall/Autumn. But yesterday afternoon I stepped out to my garden, in the crispy cool-ish air to examine my plants, which were beginning to show signs of distress. Side note: I once had an amazing garden in another home. But for some reason I am struggling with my current nothing-but-sandy-soil. I realized that I truly adore the fall season and all of its glorious colors…why is it so? Go here for 40 fall recipes Here for fall desserts For the baker, this is your season

autumn in the air – what to look forward to

When you live in a city like San Francisco, it’s really difficult to tell when the seasons change. Unless of course you are completely in-tuned with nature. Either way,  Autumn has become one of my favorite seasons and one that I look forward to, almost secretly. Autumn is an inspiring season for many reasons: photo credits and merchandise information: photo 1 – click here: photo 2 – click here: photo 3 – click here and here: photo 4 click here: photo 5 – click here