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Friday Reads You Might Appreciate

As our world turns, in many ways this year, I cannot help but feel helpless, overwhelmed and sad by either direction all matters are heading. And since I struggle with a form of anxiety, I try to focus mostly on the positive in order to get me through. However, that does not mean all these thought are not racing through my head…and perhaps even yours?

Topics which have me thinking and pondering this morning are:

How emotionally sensitive are you? Is it a good or bad thing – take this quiz to find out.

Does Scandinavian self care really work?

Why we need older women in the workplace you might want to know is a topic that came to mind after a friend called to discuss her struggle with age-in-a-workplace.

How life is different in a decade – imagining the next
Consider the alternatives in this funny read for those with a sense of humor

The truth about losing a parent – has been on my mind as I watch my mother’s health on the decline faster these days and the idea of it all has me scared

I don’t believe in regret, I only believe life happens to you the way it was always meant to be – so riding the waves is my motto. Am I completely wrong in that thinking?

Seven ways to age well is something I laugh about – when I look at myself in the mirror two weeks before my birthday

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