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Lifestyle: How to Celebrate a Centenarian Birthday

While walking across the city – five miles or so as often as possible, my partner and I discuss longevity and our plans for when and if we are too sick to care for ourselves. Yes, this is a big concern, more so since COVID and the fight to be mindful of the elderly. I keep mentioning 80 as my number and based on the lifespan and ailments in my family, I figured the number makes sense. Weird topic to ponder over, maybe. But when our wold has become so small, and the problems have become bigger than anticipated, your mind will go there at some point or another. The other day I watch Down to Earth on Netflix, where Actor Zac Efron travels the world with Darin Olien, a wellness expert to explore healthy, sustainable ways of living. Episode 4 – was the understanding of Sardinia’s centenarian generation and their lifestyle – which implied, eat lots of pasta, walk, and keep a positive approach to life and avoid stress. (Can you see my eyes …

Friday Reads You Might Appreciate

As our world turns, in many ways this year, I cannot help but feel helpless, overwhelmed and sad by either direction all matters are heading. And since I struggle with a form of anxiety, I try to focus mostly on the positive in order to get me through. However, that does not mean all these thought are not racing through my head…and perhaps even yours? Topics which have me thinking and pondering this morning are: How emotionally sensitive are you? Is it a good or bad thing – take this quiz to find out. Does Scandinavian self care really work? Why we need older women in the workplace you might want to know is a topic that came to mind after a friend called to discuss her struggle with age-in-a-workplace. The truth about losing a parent – has been on my mind as I watch my mother’s health on the decline faster these days and the idea of it all has me scared I don’t believe in regret, I only believe life happens to you …

Culture: Where Is Your Sense of Humor

Remaining positive is key to most any hardship we are faced with – says me ;).  You can choose to think otherwise, but the only thing that we can’t be stripped of is thinking positive. So, as I continue to effort staying and spreading positivity, I share with you a few illustrations from a very talented arts which are on point…for anyone who’s ever felt this way or  know those who do. {full illustration credit source} What are you doing to cope?

Monday Morning Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever this week has in store er…well I mean, some things I have planned as well. I have started to workout again and it feels amazing – because – instead of the gym and the same old routine, I have decided to go about my working out in the most conventional way: Walking, tennis, swimming and even shooting hoops/ pretend basketball. I didn’t realize what was lacking in my drive to workout until I started doing more of it outdoors. I also finished reading this book, with high hopes of getting some insight. When I called the public library to extend borrowing the book for a few extra days, just to give me the chance to revisit some of the chapters, I was told that was ‘not possible’. As the book was in high demand – 37 people were waiting to read it; the librarian added. I suppose the book perfectly titled had done its job of directing folks …

Lifestyle: Are You Curious about the future?

I came across this article the other day and immediately thought, where and what would I be doing in 2039? And although the article covers design in architecture, transportation, travel, media and entertainment, I feel as though I may hesitate to adapt. I am a fan of some good-old-fashion approach to some things and human contact.

Lifestyle: How Do You Handle Pressure?

Just when I think the dust is settling on a few glitches in life, another set of issues have come up, where I am under pressure to make a decision either this way or that. What’s funny is, those who know me enough, wonder how it is I manage to remain so cool and collected while juggling what life is dishing out. Little do they know that on the inside, I am in turmoil, like everyone else, over the choices or the decisions I am making and whether they are the right ones.  Especially when I get the gut feeling either way I decide, it isn’t really going to be the best.  This time however, I decided to go online and see if there is anything helpful or can validate what I believe to be the best of the decisions. Or perhaps help me in making sure I understand there is no right or wrong in a decision, only what I am hoping is the right one at the time I am deciding. And so …

Food: Healthy Snacks I Load Up On

Snacking is something I do more often on a stressful or a super busy day. I suppose it’s because I burn more energy. The worst is I crave sugar, and in our office, there is a bowl of mini-candies all over the place. I used ot head right to them, but now, I avoid them like the plague and bring my own snacks from this helpful list I found:  I usually pair up the almonds with an apple – or Hummus and cauliflower, which does  wonders to your tastebuds, Eggs and Avocado is my favorite and asparagus just by itself.  

Lifestyle: Self Love

I’ve been discussing the topic of self-love or not-so-much with a few close friends of mine recently – and although after the talks, I feel a little better about things, sooner than later, I fall back into the bad habits I’ve developed like most who are hard on ourselves. You know the kind where you don’t think you’ve reached your full potential or that you are spending too much time taking care of others and not so much yourself, or simply the guilty feelings when you fail at something you’ve set out to do, or even giving up. I think what I wonder most is, how some people know exactly how to talk themselves out of those destructive behaviors while others don’t. And then I wonder if those who preach – are they truly as together as they come across. When I am out in the world, or simply my neck of the world, I observe others naturally, to figure out why the (worried, distant, tired, disappointed, or sad) expression plastered across their faces and …