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Lifestyle: Are You Curious about the future?

I came across this article the other day and immediately thought, where and what would I be doing in 2039? And although the article covers design in architecture, transportation, travel, media and entertainment, I feel as though I may hesitate to adapt. I am a fan of some good-old-fashion approach to some things and human contact.

The current push is for less clutter by collapsing various technologies into universal systems; home-tech will command the room without crowding it – read more

What will the travel and hospitality space look like 20 years from now? Will we check ourselves into our hotel rooms on iPads? Use our own fingerprints in lieu of room keys? Receive room service delivered by robots? read more

While virtual reality headsets have been floating around for decades, the recent rise of—and clamor for—companies like Oculus is the clearest proof yet that VR is a technology with staying power – read more

First and foremost, most seem to agree, our future cities must be places designed for people—not vehicles, buildings, and businesses. Creating vibrant communities, connections, and relevance between people and place is paramount. Read more

“Tesla is already spearheading the transition toward self-driving vehicles. I believe this will fundamentally shift the function of vehicles, their interaction with drivers, and the way we use transportation. Read more

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