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Fashion: Smart Styles to Age-Appropriate Looks

I’ve been monitoring Nordstrom’s smart business decisions lately – in aligning themselves with trendy bloggers and fashion icons and creating a pretty amazing shopping ‘frenzy’ I mean experience. 🙂  They have surely come a long way and in this crazy online shopping fad turned to the way of life, they have learned how to stay competitive. I applaud your drive Nordstrom.

Okay, off the finance-box and up on the fashion one – here are a few pieces I’ve come to admire and click-to-buy quickly BECAUSE by the time I make a firm decision, whether I should or not – the items show  SOLD OUT.

Agatha Dainty from GalMeetsGlam with boots or nude pumps – this dress is most versatile 

Nina Tweel Fit and Flare is on point and I am in love with the color 

Slouchy narrow lapel blazer by Something Navy reminds me of one I wore all throughout my twenties

Yes I would – in white, black or checkered from Something Navy – but hurry…


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