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Fashion: Interchangeable Casual Career Wear

Living in the city – being San Francisco – and working in the tech industry – I have to say, I am often leaning towards casual, comfortable and interchangeable pieces when updating my closet – and with that said, here are some of my recent favorite pieces from Nordstrom:

Fashion: Autumn Wear Even For The Casual Weekends

On Sunday I was invited to breakfast with a friend and since the weather was super cold, I opted for warm athleisure wear, tennis shoes, no makeup and hair up in a messy ponytail. And then I arrive at the restaurant, and the first thing I noticed was how chic some folk, mostly the women were dressed to the occasion. Then I felt self-conscious of course, and vowed that I would make an effort to rummage through my closet and create these looks for the holiday brunches, and shopping  I plan to do over the course of the next few weekends.  

Fashion: Dresses for The Mature Woman

Or as I’d like to call it – those over 40, since sometimes maturity has nothing to do with wearing age-appropriate or those that compliment the figure. But then again, if it makes a person feel good, by all means, I say flaunt it as you vision it. But just in case you are curious, here’s what’s suggested and as always my favorites below. Let me know if you agree or disagree, if a certain dress code should be followed after 40. On another note – are you as excited as I am about the Downton Abbey Movie – which opens in the U.S. on September 20 {featured image source and credit}

Fashion: Summer Wardrobe In Mind

Although we seldom have a real summer in San Francisco, us locals make it a point to escape the fog and cold by heading to inland. Whether the wine country, a picnic by the river, even Lake Tahoe, we leave town to get our fair dose of sun and summer weather. And since I am a planner, here’s what I am thinking for this summer attire – neutrals and interchangeable accessories  

Fashion: What’s In My Online Cart This Month

Online shopping is too much fun if you ask me and for sure a little dangerous, in that, the moment you find something you want, the retailer claims the item you are about to abandon in the shopping cart,  is the last one (in the whole of the universe it seems like)– so you  whip out your credit card, key it in,  and hit buy quickly – sometimes too many times within a week or a month – hopeful that the items that sparked an interest from online is even better tangible. Case in point – here’s what I’ve clicked yes to recently From here From here 

Fashion: Smart Styles to Age-Appropriate Looks

I’ve been monitoring Nordstrom’s smart business decisions lately – in aligning themselves with trendy bloggers and fashion icons and creating a pretty amazing shopping ‘frenzy’ I mean experience. 🙂  They have surely come a long way and in this crazy online shopping fad turned to the way of life, they have learned how to stay competitive. I applaud your drive Nordstrom. Okay, off the finance-box and up on the fashion one – here are a few pieces I’ve come to admire and click-to-buy quickly BECAUSE by the time I make a firm decision, whether I should or not – the items show  SOLD OUT. Yes I would – in white, black or checkered from Something Navy – but hurry…  

Fashion: When the Dress Fits…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I buy the same pair of pants, or skirt, or top or dress in multiple colors – because I love the fit. And when the fit is right, you simply buy 🙂 Here’s a prime example of a style of dress I found an easy and comfortable piece to wear and ended up ordering  a few – for a casual Saturday brunch or vacation, maybe a bridal shower, or baby one or even a high school graduation. And this top of course – always need a top for the winery visits for the summer/early fall. You might also find this article about finding the right bra fit interesting

Fashion: Sezane – A French Company I Boast About

One of the benefits of travelling to fashion cities is to get a visual of what is trending past the magazines, online and in paper journals.  So while in Paris on this trip, I discovered Sezane, and fell inlove with their jeans, and most everything else on display: