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Monday Morning Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever this week has in store er…well I mean, some things I have planned as well. I have started to workout again and it feels amazing – because – instead of the gym and the same old routine, I have decided to go about my working out in the most conventional way: Walking, tennis, swimming and even shooting hoops/ pretend basketball. I didn’t realize what was lacking in my drive to workout until I started doing more of it outdoors.

I also finished reading this book, with high hopes of getting some insight. When I called the public library to extend borrowing the book for a few extra days, just to give me the chance to revisit some of the chapters, I was told that was ‘not possible’. As the book was in high demand – 37 people were waiting to read it; the librarian added. I suppose the book perfectly titled had done its job of directing folks to read something they would not regret.

Here’s what else happened – I am in the final season of  Breaking Bad (maybe 5 more episodes) and I hate that my opinion is effecting the experience of watching the once-hit television show that everyone raved about. I am too busy being fixated on the fact, that how stupid a man could be to choose the wrong path in life. It is either the truest and worst expression of weakness in character, or the best premise for a television drama.

Feeling the need to shift gears all of a sudden – I have a few questions:

How much would you spend on a vintage bag you’ve wanted your entire life?

Are you eagerly waiting to see this movie because you grew up listening to the music or this movie, which takes you back to your childhood or someone else’s you wish you had?

This look

Or this look?

Is there some truth to these quotes? Or are they simply a means to motivate one’s self-esteem. 


And last, what are you having for dinner tonight? If you are at a loss, consider this recipe, or this one

Have a wonderful day!

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