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Lifestyle: How to Celebrate a Centenarian Birthday

While walking across the city – five miles or so as often as possible, my partner and I discuss longevity and our plans for when and if we are too sick to care for ourselves. Yes, this is a big concern, more so since COVID and the fight to be mindful of the elderly.

I keep mentioning 80 as my number and based on the lifespan and ailments in my family, I figured the number makes sense.

Weird topic to ponder over, maybe. But when our wold has become so small, and the problems have become bigger than anticipated, your mind will go there at some point or another.

The other day I watch Down to Earth on Netflix, where Actor Zac Efron travels the world with Darin Olien, a wellness expert to explore healthy, sustainable ways of living.

Episode 4 – was the understanding of Sardinia’s centenarian generation and their lifestyle – which implied, eat lots of pasta, walk, and keep a positive approach to life and avoid stress. (Can you see my eyes batting?) How do we avoid stress in this modern world? Sardinia apparently is a very stress-free zone, where the simple lifestyle is still practiced among the population there and an optimistic approach to everything. I wondered if moving to Sardinia is in my future if I wanted to live past 80?

After watching the episode, I spent two days pondering over the subject and wondered if we can achieve such ways of living in our own trouble world/country? And here’s what I found:

Ten Rules to Live By To Achieve A Positive Life is suggested here – Photo by Artem Beliaikin on
How Therapy Might Be The Best Cure – Photo by Pixabay on
Nutrition for Longevity You Might Want To Consider – Photo source
If All Else Fails, move into a small town and live the simplest of lifestyle – Photo by Pixabay on


You’d find me here – Bibury, Gloucestershire, England, England, UK. Image by © Franz-Marc Frei/Corbis

Do you ever ponder over this subject?

Do you have a plan?

Where would you live if you could make a move to better your life?

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