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Let’s Touch Base

Recent meetings at work are titled…let’s touch base. I suppose only because of yet another re-org, restructure, and re-re et all.

Which gets me thinking on days where I feel off, that if it is still worth the fight? To stay focused, see the bigger picture, and all things that drives one to aim for the ultimate success in their career.

Until…that part of life, trumps all others and you realize on the seventh day of December, that you haven’t made an effort to decorate the house, nor focus on the upcoming holiday.

Then you look around, and think, perhaps the joy of the holiday season is no longer the way it once was. And that we are all simply going through the motion of making Christmas happen.

Am I alone in this thinking?

And…forgive me for sounding downbeatbut I do wonder if we will ever get back the true spirit of Christmas?

What are you thoughts?


  1. I have not been in a holiday mood yet either. The death of my sister on Halloween is still fresh, and well, right now, I’m sitting in Vermont looking at green fields. Yesterday it was 55! It’s hard to feel holiday when it feels more like spring.
    I’m doing less decorating this year and concentrating on the food and trying to make others delighted with little surprises. Maybe next year will be different.

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