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Lifestyle: Sprucing Up Is The Best Distraction

Distractions are a great way to begin the healing process for most things. The best is to focus your attention on a way to get yourself back to some form of normality. So this is my aim today, and share the few topics I found pretty good at distracting me.

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning in my mother’s home recently – and have sort of stopped for the past week. So today I am picking up the process of eliminating all the clutter, click here to learn how I’m tackling this project

How to clean pillows or know when to toss them is only a click away here

One of my proudest achievement in life is the fact I keep my home looking clean at all times – no matter how challenging I persevere, sort of like this

best bedroom plants to help us all sleep better at night is something I will arrange in my mother’s bedroom and mine also since I am up more nights than I care to. Let’s see if this technique works.

And finally, trying to find a better approach to staging her house – placing furniture to not only be functional but also taking into consideration the views

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