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Decor: Simpler Details Make Great Statement

I’ve been doing a bit of sprucing up. You know, minor changes which ultimately can result in greater ones. So, it’s no surprise to anyone, again, that I share some of the ideas I have incorporated in my efforts to update my mother’s home.

Tell me what you think?

Breakfast nook, which shades of blue to add the pizzazz needed for her otherwise dull space
Color and different elements to a china cabinet in her dining room with surely entice her guests
Window replacements, and new furniture covers to give this look to her outdated furniture in my plan
I want to add this chair and pillow in her bedroom over the computer desk chair she currently sits upon to check ‘facebook’ 🙂
Consider adding back spalsh she would approve of
plant in corners currently collecting dust – yes a fake one – so she doesn’t have to worry ‘bugs’ – her words not mine

{featured image source and full credit}


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