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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

Not a week goes by where I am simply existing. There is lots to do, and plan and think about and since I do most of it over the week, the weekend, is where I want to let loose.

This week is one of my favorite co-worker’s last week and that’s made me sad. Since she lives across the country,  it’s not like we can maintain a girls night out type of relationship. We spoke for an hour on the phone this morning, and promised we would Zoom with cocktails sometime in the near future. Like so many of us do, but somehow life gets in the way and then, we end up only wishing one another a happy birthday on Facebook.

The other tidbit – since I live in San Francisco, in a home built on not so solid ground, I’ve seen a shift in the structure for a year or so now, and it got me reaching out to get a quote from an engineering firm or two. I discovered, it would be a lengthy process and pretty costly – not to mention that we would need to move for a year or more until the house has been seismically retrofitted. Yikes!

I found myself longing to travel, even if by car, to somewhere I’ve never been and just exist in an RV like this one or a cabin like this one.

So, on the weekend, I am venturing to San Ramon, and Danville – forty minute drive by car from San Francisco, to check out the neighborhoods, and some new home developments to see if its worth fixing my old house, or sell and opt for a brand spanking new property?

Who knows, perhaps I’ll discover new trails, and parks where I can have a picnic. Since we pack our lunches and picnic blanket or chairs for the just in case – every time we venture away from home. The in case being – no open restaurants, or shops or take out within the vicinity.

If you are staying home, indoors from the scorching heat in your part of the world, then consider these films here, here, here to keep you entertained, or laughing.

Avoid talking about the Pandemic, politics, and all things that will bring you down.  Try yoga,  social distancing outing with kids are recommended here, Try this salmon recipe, and finally, finding inner peace, we might want to consider.

Some other interesting topics you might considering tapping into, while sipping on iced tea, or lemonade.  Gut health, The Importance of Drinking Water, hair masks to combat summer damage.

and if all else fails, check out these window view swaps.

Have a great weekend!

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