What Do You Do When Your Life is Unraveling?

A few days ago I was faced with a harsh reality, forcing me to take a step back to think about all that is my life. I decided while lying awake those nights, that if I maintained a daily routine I can stay focused or not feel totally disillusioned.  But I am finding  it difficult to continue as if…everything is okay.

What do you do when your life is unraveling right before your very eyes?  I ask because  we all know that there are a number of components that make up this thing called life.  Relationship, kids, or family, work and a sliver of play and if one of those things is falling to pieces,  you find yourself…in a most fragile state.

Worrying that the changes that are being forced upon you, are truly going to be for the better, like everyone insists or is it going to bring out the worst in me. Perhaps, I am vulnerable right now, and scared of what the future holds. And what sucks the most, is that right now I am truly believing that bad things  always happen to the good at heart. And those are the ones that are left in the dust to pick up the pieces, all while doing our best not to show the world, just how much we are falling apart on the inside.

What do you do when your life is unraveling…

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Life is Unraveling?

  1. Ok, I have been having this same dilemma. I try to bury it with keeping busy. But even the busyiness won’t keep the unraveling at bay forever. We moved from the Nashville area back to FL. There are many reasons for the move. My aging dad left TN to come back to FL. I found it impossible to imagine him down here without us. My hubby sought out a job down here within his company. We are from here, and we knew what we were getting back into. They say moving is one of the top “stressor’s” and it finally caught up with me, hubby and our 16 year old daughter. All this to say. We too, are unraveling in our own way. I am getting us into a counselor ASAP. I am a firm believer in getting help from the right people at the right time. Think about talking to a professional. I know it has helped me at times, immensely. Let me know how things are going. Thanks for posting this blog today. I needed to feel like it wasn’t just us. Peace.

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