The List of Posibilities for This Holiday Season

I hate the concept of – I can’t because…, or, there is no way possible…., or simply, NO it won’t work…  Because I am firm believer of anything is possible – and there are solutions to every problem, and the only thing holding a person back is their inability to think outside the norm.

So, if there are some sort of restrictions on enjoying a drink or two during the holidays – then consider the non-alcoholic version
If all else fails or doesn’t fit, consider a dressy pajama alternative for the holiday party you are hosting or other comfy outfits for the laid back look
Creative and stress-free gift wrapping if you follow these simple suggestions
A purse doesn’t have to be the price of a down payment on a car – consider these fun alternatives
Yes there is such a concept of having a chill destination wedding – even over the holiday season

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