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Boutique Hotel Pick – Lotte New York Palace – New York

I haven’t added some of my favorite boutique hotel recommendations for that special weekend or week long getaway until I spend a good amount of time laughing in the pool this past week with a funny couple who decided to get hitched as they called it, and blend their families together with six pre-teen kids.  They were celebrating their one year of bliss (can you see my jaw dropped or my eye twitching while trying to understand their definition of bliss?). They joked about kids, and exes, and the new blended family and I simple threw my head back and laughed while tears streamed down my face-that’s how funny they were about the whole thing. I suppose that in itself is a definition of bliss or love. All I can say is –  more power to them. So, in case you are aching for a weekend getaway where you want to feel regal in all sorts of pampering, then this beautiful hotel is just the right accommodation to set the mood or just help you …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Mas Des Poiriers – Avignon, France

Even at this point in life, I dream of fairy tales, not so much about a prince sweeping my off my feet and ending up living a life of a princess, but more like, a place an adult woman could escape to, and be pampered for a week or more, with pool side refills on the finest of champagne and naps  on a plush wicker chaise longue in the gardens – that to me is the ideal of a fairy tale – 🙂

The List of Posibilities for This Holiday Season

I hate the concept of – I can’t because…, or, there is no way possible…., or simply, NO it won’t work…  Because I am firm believer of anything is possible – and there are solutions to every problem, and the only thing holding a person back is their inability to think outside the norm.

Travel: Destination Wedding

The idea of a prince marrying an American girl was something the Hallmark channel mastered  – telling a story that could only be a fairytale. I mean, in real life, there was Grace Kelly who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in the late 50’s. But we were all too young to remember that one and so we resolved, watching and daydreaming through the Hallmark movies – until of course late last year, when it was  announced that Prince Harry would marry Meghan Markle on May 19. So I thought it would be fun to share a destination wedding venue to consider in case you are  planning a fairytale wedding of your own.

Boutique Hotel Pick – L’Hotel Marrakech – Morocco

I’ve been longing for an exotic destination lately. Kind of like in Indiana Jones, set in the 30’s. Whatever happened to those types of movies? Don’t you ever wonder. I do. So the other day while trying to figure out what to watch on television, set in that time period and the location of course somewhere exotic, this amazing hotel popped up – enticing me…or perhaps sparking an interest to write the next story around this highly romantic destination. See for yourself what I mean:

wedding season is upon us and i’m involved this year

Yes, I was asked a few weeks ago to help plan a wedding. This is my fourth in 2 years. I used to average about 10 a year. I’ve scaled back since. But there are those few special people in my life, I cannot say no to, and so the planning has begun once more. Over the weekend, we spend, dress/gown shopping, and checking out the venue for what appears to be a destination wedding. I figured anytime you travel two hours away from where you live, it’s a destination wedding.  In this case, it’s hoped to be in Monterey, California. I say hoped, because until you lock in a date, and make the deposit, it’s hoped. So, stay tuned for those of you interested in wedding planning, or weddings in general, as I fill you in on the details here and there. {photo source click here – Valentino Haute Couture white collection}

hawaii bound: destination wedding

I can’t believe it’s time for my trip to Hawaii to see my good friend marry the man of her dreams. I’m excited for her and most of all excited for the fact, I get to share this wonderful occasion with her. This doesn’t mean, I will not blog for a week, it just means, I will blog mostly about travel, food and photography. Have a great weekend everybody and I will see you right here on Monday 🙂    

multitasking inside my head

I don’t need to remind anyone, that women multi-task on a second to second basis. While sitting at their desks at work, shuffling paper, their multitasking inside their heads. From what to make for dinner, to coordinating how the week would unfold. Children, homework, housework, husbands, get togethers, doctor’s appointments, grocery list, project deadlines, laundry, meetings, telephone calls and even vacation planning. So, for this week, these are the thoughts going through my head: