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Holiday Series: What To Bring to the Office Party

Rrrrright about now, companies are planning their annual office party, where employees sign up for what to bring to the pot luck. Or, a group of co-workers and friends organize a house party – where they provide the alcohol, if you bring the snacks and appetizers. In case, you have run out of ideas, or the idea of running to the grocery store to stock up on pre-packaged goodies is no longer considered cool, then here are some ideas to consider. {Click on image to the recipes}

Salted Chocolate Coconut Bars are sure to be a hit and an easy prep

Sienese (From Sienna) Cookies – will surely get everyone talking – in a good way

Who doesn’t love Brownies?

Walnut and fig bars – be sure to put a sign for those with allergies to walnut – otherwise are you tasting the gourmet?

Citrus cookies – its all in the wrapping

{featured image source}

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