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Some Positives From Around the Internet

This post came to mind last night, when I spent countless hours trying to work with my health care provider about seeing specialists, then with the cable provider to work through their ‘triple play’ deal to combine TV, internet and telephone service, and by the time I was speaking with the utility service provider for our neck of the woods, I was spent. Why does everything need to be a struggle?

So, early morning, while scrolling through the news, this article popped up, BREAKING NEWS – Amazon, JPMorgan and Warren Buffett announce they are launching independent healthcare company for their employees  – giving hope even if it might be years before we can see results, I am pleased to hear the news

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How to finally cut the cord on cable TV – is something I’ve been considering for over a year now, especially after monitoring our TV watching habits. In case this is something you are thinking about, read the Full article here:

Considering how much I love to travel – and am very concerned about the damage to our planet – in this case carbon emission, this great read, put my mind at ease, that there is hope from the airlines –

The world’s first US-Australia biofuel flight successfully completed its first journey today powered by fuel made from mustard seeds.
The Qantas QF96 plane completed a 15-hour trans-Pacific flight using 24,000 litres of biofuel blend.
Qantas estimates the plane saved around 18,000kg in carbon emissions during the flight.

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And for those of us – mesmerized by Science, here’s a trending article about the super blue moon gracing over the skies above, which I am hoping is visible through the haze taking shape in San Francisco.

Think the wolf moon was impressive? ‘Super blue blood moon’ to be visible for the first time in over 150 years on January 31st
The second full moon, known as a Blue Moon, will occur on January 31, 2018, and coincides with lunar eclipse
During the lunar eclipse, Earth will pass between the moon and the sun, causing the moon to appear red
One night earlier, a supermoon will occur, as the moon reaches its closest point in its orbit to Earth

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