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Health & Beauty: What’s Good To Know

I took two Tylenol before heading out to a company belated ‘holiday party’ over the weekend, aiming to ward off any physical pains I was feeling because of my backache. And without much thinking, I ordered a glass of wine, during the cocktail hour. Then one more during dinner and by the end of the night, one more, totaling three glasses of wine. I usually pace myself at these events because, as we all know – moderation is key to success in any company function.

By the time I got home, I felt light-headed and extremely dizzy – so did my date. That night I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning and feeling an unexplainable high (not drunk), and of course I got online->Facebook at three in the morning hoping to distract myself, and this article popped up. I really hate the fact the internet knows me so well – sending my way article after article about all things that I should know about:

These Medications Should Never Be Mixed With Alcohol – I had no idea Tylenol was on the list. We learn something every day

So this is what I did the following day – water, water and more water, and herbal teas to cleanse my body

More articles of interest – the meaning of a good friend and how to cope with Seasonal Depression:

The meaning of a good friend


How to cope with seasonal depession

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