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Tuesday Feels Like A Monday

I took a few days off social media and all,  to take a drive down to central coast with my mother. A last-minute unplanned birthday surprise for her. I still can’t get over the smile across the face, when I told her I wanted her to come along. She packed faster than I have ever seen her do so, and got ready. It was cute. We loaded up the rental car with snacks, her making  my favorite grilled cheese sandwich, “for later, you know so you have energy to drive,” she said showing me the neatly wrapped stack of sandwiches. All I could do was laugh. She’s adorable. Aging gracefully even though she doesn’t believe it and my family adores her.

On Friday, her birthday, we left at nine in the morning, and drove on 101 down south, along the way, her reading the signs and announcing the miles remaining to our destination. Noticing also, all the new developments taking shape on either side of the freeway, and the leaves turning to amber, and all sorts of yellowish-orange, it was like a road-trip game.

We talked about the past, the present and the future, and her wishes for me and my family while in the background, the soft French songs I had  prompted to stream through my iPhone connected to the car speakers, added to the heartwarming scene. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, being around her, and seeing her reaction in the car, trying her best not to doze off, at Target, a much needed  pit-stop for “popcorn and a cup of coffee,” she suggested two hours into the trip,  and out and about town over the weekend, loving HABIT burger, her staying up Saturday night to ‘see’ the time change, (I chuckle thinking about it) her surprise when we presented her with an autumn decorated cake and balloons, and all things in between that made up a truly memorable weekend.

On the drive back Monday,  I asked if she was willing to do another road trip with me in the near future and she said, “all good things can only be appreciated in moderation.”

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