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Recipe: Zucchini Oat Cake For Breakfast

This the season I crave more substance, not feeling salads or just boiled eggs, a slice of chicken. I need comfort food mostly saturday mornings,  a piece of toast perfectly spread with Mascarpone and Cherry Jam, a slice of lemon cake from Starbucks paired with a warm cup of tea, while I type away my next novel. In light of my craving, I stumbled upon this cake, surely including many healthy ingredients, so I don’t feel so guilty devouring a slice and yes with my favorite English breakfast tea infused with a cinnamon stick.

healthy suggestions to share

Let’s face it. We are on information overload about how to be healthy, eat well, sleep enough, drink plenty of water and the ‘do’s and don’t’ to consider to maintain a fine lifestyle. On occasion, I scroll through these articles only to validate what I already know and decide after 30minutes of scanning the information, to keep going, just the way I have for years – eating the good and the bad in moderation, exercising and staying positive, knowing, deep down, those are the key ingredients for a lasting effect. Once in a while, I want to share what I firmly believe in and have practiced for decades, hoping it would at least help make a change in someone’s life, since it’s been validated. Here are some of the best suggestions – click on photo to be redirected:

all things coffee

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I hit 40-somthing. I guess I was naturally hyper enough in my younger days and didn’t need the stimulant to jump-start me. But now, if I don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning, I simply cannot get in gear. I try some days to not have a cup and I am okay with it, but by the next day I feel it is somewhat crucial to down a cup. I love to explore unique coffee shops, especially while traveling and often times settle on out of the norm places, because of the type of coffee they use to create their blends, the style in which the coffee is served, and the ambiance and decor. The type of music emanating from their speakers helps as well. My  favorite coffee shops are of course throughout Europe, mostly France and Italy and while there, it is really difficult to turn any corner without seeing a unique coffee shop or coffee bar. What is most enjoyable for me is the fact, …