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Recap and A Few Thoughts

Travel is always on my mind, more so during the cold and dreary summer months we experience here in San Francisco. It fuels my need to get away, to somewhere sunny and warm. Funny how the UK is experiencing scorching temperatures right now, while in San Francisco, we are bundled up in winter sweaters, and heavy blankets.

Here’s what’s happened in my world. Since March of 2020, I’ve sort of been at a loss. Not sure what topics to write about or thoughts to share past the doom and gloom we’ve all been feeling since the pandemic. I didn’t want to add to all the news, nor come across insensitive in any way by avoiding controversial topic throughout the year+. So, I’ve stayed quiet for the most part. Remained focused more on the challenges my family has faced throughout the year.

The biggest loss for me this year, was putting my dog down in February. After 16 wonderful years of countless memories, silliness, and naps curled up on the bed next to me while I dabbled in my creativity, it was time to let him go…

To deflect the pain, I dove into my day job, where I was putting in more hours than humanly possible. Thinking if I stayed very busy, I would not feel the gut-wrenching void in my life. Who was I kidding? The moment I turned off my computer, and turned down the lights in the early morning hours aiming to get some sleep, I regressed in the worst sort of way.

These days, I am doing my best to redefine my happiness, and hopefully soon I will be comfortable enough to share my journey with you. Until then, it is good to reconnect.

A travel moment

Happy Birthday to my most loyal companion. I miss you greatly and I know someday we will have a swim in heaven’s pool.

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