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Travel: Places to Imagine

Slowly and more and more I am seeing friends and acquaintances on social media post images of their travels – naturally after being vaccinated. Which of course has me feeling a mixed of emotions.

Are we truly ready to travel?

Is safety truly a priority – or will remain a priority around the world since vaccination?

How do I maneuver my own city with more and more tourists flocking to San Francisco, mostly without masks?

Are they vaccinated, asymptomatic, or…

Always the or?

Funny I saw a commercial on television the other day and thought, why do we doubt so much? And should we just live and breathe and simply hope for the best?

What will it all look like in the coming months?

One thing I know for sure, social media is gearing us up to think about travel.

Best New Hotels Around the World for 2021
Family Beach Vacations in the U.S.
June 2021 Vacation Destinations
Here’s my favorite 101 fun travel inspired things we can do at home – for those like me not yet ready to actually do the travelling
Family vacation ideas for summer 2021

What are you thoughts about travel? Too soon? Not soon enough? Or ready for in moderation?

{article inspiration source and full credit}

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