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photography inspired must have books

Coffee table books and one’s used throughout the home as inspiration for cooking, daydreaming and falling asleep to is a must in any home. Collecting the right one’s sometimes may be difficult for some and finding the best one’s is most rewarding for the addicts.

I happen to be the addict and love to have stacks of  oversized hardcover books all throughout my home.  I normally settle for museum themed ones, or black and  white photography of mostly European cities and some vintage items as well.  So, I was happy to have come across PARIS TANGO by photographer Carla Coulson and wanted to share it with my readers just incase they are in the market for collectible coffee table books or just a gift idea for Christmas.

The theme of PARIS TANGO is described as follows: Published by Penguin, “Paris Tango” is a portrait of the City of Lights as you have never seen it before. From the African street markets of Chateau Rouge to the penthouse suite of the Paris Ritz, Coulson and her camera uncover a Paris that is rarely seen. (advanceaustraliawebsite)

So, here is hoping the book makes it to the U.S. I am looking forward to it and will certainly add it to my collection. I have seen previews of her work and I must say, it is certainly one not to be missed.



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