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where to buy novels written by m.l.kilian

I’ve been asked via email if the novels I’ve written are available in e-book, or paperback version and where they are sold. As you know brick and mortar bookstores are disappearing, and the ones remaining (at least in the states) are the indie bookstores – most too small to house all books in print. So, my novels – Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are both available to order online – in e-book format and paperback. However, if you love a good bookstore like I do, then by all means go in person, and order the books to pick up from the store or have it shipped to your home.  Either option you choose, you will love the story:

In addition, you can also order the paperback version through my shop here at a deep discount.


And, if you happen to have read one book and weren’t sure if there was a part I or part II (depending on which you chose to read first) – then consider following my blog (click banner) to always stay connected on upcoming events and newly released books:

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