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Travel: Planning Stages Have Officially Begun

I can’t believe it’s already Spring break and thoughts of graduation, weddings, and family vacations are in full swing. Now, although I did all my traveling in the month of March this year, I still yearn for another trip late September or early October.

One of the biggest concern when I was in England was the effects Britexit would have on travelers, even the issues in the US were a concern to those abroad considering coming to America for their holidays. Although I listened to the news, read reports and discussed such concerns over coffee and dinner with those I met up with in Europe, I decided not to allow of it to discourage me – about traveling anyway.

But just in case you are having these sort of discussions in your households, and/or having trouble pinpointing where to go, then perhaps these articles I’ve found here and there could help. If not, then pass them on to someone who it can:

To start with is an article about WI-FI passwords around the world. Although I had no trouble signing in without a password – in England and France, Scotland. Nevertheless here it is

10 trips a woman traveling alone should take or consider taking –

Tourist attractions worth the wait in long lines or just go off season like me to enjoy the spaces mostly all to yourself

A guide on how best to register an effective complaint should your flights be somewhat unpleasant

And for those who have been everywhere, or can’t figure out what is next in terms of their travel, then there is a list of 50 more places to consider

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