Food: Mediterranean Cooking Surely A Hit

Mediterranean cooking is what I grew up with and one I cherish and consider the best of healthy foods. Recently I’ve been asking my mother to teach me all that she knows about our home cooking, and then I find ways to tweak those recipes – meaning to say – finding ways to shortcut my way through the meal prep.  In case you are not familiar, Mediterranean cooking is very time-consuming.

With that said, I found an interesting site here which has a few of my favorite Medi-dishes, although a little different then the traditional style, still pretty tasty:

This one is a sun-dried variation of the roasted pepper dip called Muhammara. I love this on toasted pita bread, with salami and sometimes even with feta cheese. Click on photo to see recipe
Middle Eastern Mezza Plate – another one of my favorite for a Sunday brunch. I love the idea of always eating a variety of foods, and flavors. Click on photo for recipe
Persian cucumber and tomato salad – this I can eat every single day – for sure with cubed feta cheese added. For recipe click on photo
Not so much Mediterranean – but still my favorite – Huevos Rancheros with a twist. This can be labelled as Mediterranean if you exclude the avacado – but then who would do that?
Oh my goodness – this is heavenly – goat cheese, pomegranate very Mediterreanan of course, love the twist on the pasta dishes

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