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Would You…

I do much thinking and contemplating throughout the day, even in the most busiest hours. My mind tends to wander off, to the most unusual of thoughts.

For example:

If I had a armoire or a closet fit for royalty, would I make an effort to look my best every day or maintain my post-pandemic look? {source}

If I held on to the most cherished of friendships, I wonder where in time and space we would meet? {source}

I’ve recently started watching Three Pines, set in Quebec and surrounding areas in Canada. Although I could not have imagined a more perfect small town for a hideway getaway. The murders which took place throughout the series had me thinking twice… {Photo Source}

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

One evening in my state of restlessness, I decided on learning the art of watercoloring. Not sure how this new adventure in my otherwise mundane life will pan out, but I am excited to share. Once it takes off…so stay tuned. Are you aching to learn a new hobby?

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on

Although we’re only in week two into the new year, I am struggling to get motivated to rekindle my creative side. Sure, we’ve had deluge, upon heavy rains, and more due to string of atmospheric rivers here in California threatening everything imaginable, and shifting our focus. But I am one who thinks ahead, and in that frame of mind, I wonder what it would take to spark my motivation …kind of like this article. How about you?


  1. Great move to tickle a new part of your creative side with the watercolor! I just signed up for a pottery class, something I’ve never done.
    Let’s hope we both find some new passions in this new year!

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