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Home Schooling – Adult Style

Since some of us have been forced to home-school our children, I think we may find ourselves sometimes cringing at some of the assignments tasked to them.  For example, me with math. You might feel the same about science, or history, or even language-whatever it may be in your part of the world. So it dawned on me, to start this series, where I share some refresher facts from around the world to seem just maybe smarter than usual to our kids. What do you think? I mean, no insult to anyone, I’m just trying to have fun here. So if you want to play along, then by all means do so, otherwise feel free to swipe left. 🙂 Here’s today’s topics of learning Hey was this fun or it’s a hard pass? {featured image full credit}

Lifestyle: Self Reflection and Some Form of Exercise

In my efforts to remain positive, I find myself veering towards topics about lifestyle changes or if not for changes, then to learn to cope with all the things life has thrown in our direction. Do you believe self-reflection gives you a happier and a more successful life? If so, then here’s how you proceed. Consider tapping into your creative side, when feeling anxious during a period of isolation to effort a speedy recovery of any sort. How to recognize that you need a lifestyle change? Some helpful tips to consider while out and about during these worrying times – to completely adapt – even beyond today’s concerns. How to deal with anxiety in a nutshell – sheds some light on topics you may otherwise feel you cannot discuss with loved ones or friends for fear of being dismissed.

Food: How to Substitude Ingredients and This Recipe

I have to admit, I switch up ingredients all the time while preparing a meal. For example – I am allergic to soy, so I use Worcestershire sauce instead. I hate the taste of fish, so I never add fish sauce to any Asian dish. So I was glad to find a list of alternatives here, for ingredients. What have you substituted, and share your experience or other recommendations Here’s a recipe for dinner tonight for the family – spicy eggplant pasta    {featured image source}

Travel: By Train From England and other Destinations

Travel by train is my choice, and if we had the luxury throughout the U.S. to do so in an efficient manner, I would be somewhere every weekend. So, I have to plan trips throughout Europe to experience some of the best train travel. Here’s a few I am considering,  past Paris, during my next extended trip to England. How about you – do you love train travel? For some of the best adventures – go here 

Travel: Planning Where To Stay

Considering 2020 I’ve claimed as the year of travel – I’ve done much research on where I would stay during my travels. I’ve considered villas in Tuscany, Resorts along the Riviera, castles throughout U.K. and country estates in the French wine region. Now, I am adding this list of best European apartments to rent to my bucket list of places I would stay.

Lifestyle: Figuring Out If You Are Happy

Feeling philosophical lately – so please bear with me. In the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson incorporated a statement borrowed from Locke’s pursuit of happiness and made it people”s inalienable right: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This is what the American dream is based upon and those entering this great land do so welcoming the  ideology. But does happiness really matter? In a series of new studies led by psychologist Iris Mauss, the more value people placed on happiness, the less happy they became. This was part of the sermon on Sunday, something I have questioned for a while now – is happiness truly something we need to aim for and measure our entire existence upon to achieving ‘whatever we consider to be happiness.’  Or is content the right way of thinking? The Father speaking to his congregation attempted to explain that happiness should not be something we search for but rather, finding contentment by seeing all the good in our lives, should lead to a tranquil and peaceful existence and that should …

Monday Beautiful Things

I’ve been having to juggle a few unexpected things which have recently come into my life and until I can get a good handle on it, or a rhythm, I must unfortunately streamline my most favorite distractions, to stay focused and in tuned. Until then, all I can think about are beautiful things to get me through… {featured image source}