Month: March 2016

Lifestyle: Married Couple Hobby Travel Turned Lifestyle

Every years the hubs and I remind ourselves how great we are when we travel together. Jokingly discussing doing it as a permanent career, if you will. Or better yet opening a business together of some sort while traveling the world. And then I think real hard and although I truly appreciate having this man in my life, I couldn’t for the life of me see myself traveling full-time or running a business with him. I am one who needs and values her space too much. So it was interesting to read this article from a couple detailing how they ditched their lives, to travel together, creating a new lifestyle and relationship, and along the way discovering  a new kind of business.  It got me thinking, that perhaps I wasn’t seeing the glass half full and that maybe, just maybe it was possible for us to consider such a lifestyle. Because, as tired as we are of the mundane and the norm, we tend to be the better person of ourselves when we actually do …

Food: Cake and More Cake

I try to stay away from desserts and all things that may pack on the pounds. But once in a while I crave a slice of lemon cake, or carrot or even a unique flavored one and I simply go to my favorite bakery or grocers and just buy a slice to indulge. It’s worked wonders for me thus far since I don’t over indulge.  But Easter is nearly here, and the idea of Springtime get-together’s is just around the corner – for me and my friends to bring along something homemade to share over tea or coffee and conversations. Here’s a site I love, providing perfect variations for the cake or dessert lover, and those needing to bring a baked good to some happy gathering:

Travel: The Unknown Facts About Hidden Gems

I love it when you find an article online which then leads you to another article, and another until you find yourself obsessed enough to want to share the knowledge. In this case, I clicked on the BBC- The Empire The World Forgot – article discussing parts of the word where my ancestors have come from and so this blog post came to be:

Food: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Feast.

Ever since a good friend of mine introduced me to corned beef and cabbage a few years back, I vowed to learn how to make it at home. But never got around to actually doing it, UNTIL….this week, when I vow to try the recipe from here, and make my own batch of corned beef and cabbage. But oh wait…there is more, much more than corned beef and cabbage for this fun-filled celebration and beyond. There is a slew of recipe-according to this list: 1. Skillet-Roasted Lamb Loins with Herbs This easy recipe from Dublin-born chef Cathal Armstrong results in succulent, delicately flavored meat.   2. Lobster and Fennel Salad Sweet lobster meat is incredible with extra-crisp fresh fennel. 3. Irish Brown Bread This quick, hearty bread doesn’t use yeast, so there’s no rising time. 4. Lemony Salt-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes Grinding sage, rosemary and thyme into the salt intensifies the flavor of these crispy potatoes.   5. Lamb and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pies Lamb shoulder and soft goat cheese star in these delicious, savory pies. …

Beauty: Keeping Healthy in Hair

While sick with the cold/flu/worst cough ever, I relied on medication for relief, taking the remedy religiously every four hours, just so I could sleep, or move about, even to talk. I realize in a weeks time that my face and hair became super dry, and it got me to understand the effects of medication inside and outside of our body. That’s why I try to minimize all medications, and opt for natural healing instead. Anyway, I came across this article about ways to keep your hair strong and shiny, stating that certain deficiencies in our diets are the cause of most damaging effects on our hair.  Although the article is pretty helpful, and one I abide by, I do also wonder does this apply to aging hair, and what if you  have to be on medication? For those questions, I have included the following links for: Medication AGAINST Hair, and aging hair. Do you have tricks, or secrets for healthy hair that you want to share with us?    

Interesting Finds Online While Laid Up with A Cold

I haven’t had a cold in five years, so it hit me like a BOULDER a few days ago, first day losing my voice, to coughing nonstop and feeling annoyed with the aches all over from all the coughing. I think what I don’t like the most is I can’t think straight, and feel like everything I am doing is a dream  – maybe the meds. I figured I could stare at the internet or the contents posted on the internet to keep me distracted and these are some of the finds I found interesting enough to share:

Travel: Seven-Day Photo Challenge on Facebook

I’ve been challenged to post 7 days of natural photography on Facebook, each day choosing another person to participate in this very challenge. I figured it would be fun, as I have a million photos of places I’ve been – some of which nature related, others, man-made, and some simply historical. So, in case we aren’t connected on Facebook, these are the photos I have chosen for my seven-day challenge:  

Travel: Things To Know While Planning A Trip to Europe

Travel planning has officially begun for those seeking a pre-high season deals to somewhere – in particular to Europe. My favorite destination. Normally, I wing my trips, rather than stick to a set schedule. Unless of course I plan to see or experience something seasonal. Hope I didn’t lose you. Anyway, here are some interesting tidbits to consider if you are planning a trip to Europe.