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Lifestyle: Married Couple Hobby Travel Turned Lifestyle

Every years the hubs and I remind ourselves how great we are when we travel together. Jokingly discussing doing it as a permanent career, if you will. Or better yet opening a business together of some sort while traveling the world. And then I think real hard and although I truly appreciate having this man in my life, I couldn’t for the life of me see myself traveling full-time or running a business with him. I am one who needs and values her space too much.

So it was interesting to read this article from a couple detailing how they ditched their lives, to travel together, creating a new lifestyle and relationship, and along the way discovering  a new kind of business.  It got me thinking, that perhaps I wasn’t seeing the glass half full and that maybe, just maybe it was possible for us to consider such a lifestyle. Because, as tired as we are of the mundane and the norm, we tend to be the better person of ourselves when we actually do travel together. The most creative, the most natural and most peaceful, even when we argue, we tend to laugh it off.   The best way to explain this is by a quote from the actual article:

Today, we’re often asked for our secrets to travel, relationships and life satisfaction. Our biggest tip? The greatest impressions on life’s highlight reel need not always be attached to a several thousand dollar “trip of a lifetime”, but can instead be found, say, in the eight euro bottle of wine that you share under a tree behind an old train station on the France-Switzerland border.

I know he and I have been there with an eight dollar bottle of wine, and cheese, sprawled on the grounds just outside museums, whether in Rome or Paris, parks in Nice, or Cinque Terre, and the best of conversations have happened, fears worked through, insecurities put to rest, dreams imagined and priceless experiences to help us get through until the next time.

I wonder, if he’ll play along with the idea of quitting our jobs, and traveling to live. In the meantime, here are some fun photos of our travels:

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