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new year lifestyle makeover

Normally around the end of a year or the beginning of a new one, people tend to reconfigure their life and lifestyles in an effort to make changes, which in essence will allow them to feel good about themselves throughout the New Year.

It’s funny this behavior is almost automatic and whether we think about it or not, all of us participate uniformly and sometimes subconsciously.

While searching online for various small or big changes people tend to make around the end or beginning of a new year are:

1.Get  rid  of old clothes and donate them to a worthy cause

2. Spruce up the house by either painting or redecorating a room or two.

3.  Contemplate a new hair do and/or color treatment.

4. Shred old or expired files and organize a new filing system.

5. Clean out linen closets and declutter a food pantry.

6. Shop for a new perfume or explore new make up options.

7. Get a message or a spa treatment

8. Purge computer and organize online photos

9. Get new glasses

10. Buy a gift for yourself.

This is an interesting list and I am guilty of  number 1 and 10. What lifestyle makeover did you do the end of 2010?

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