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what i wish for the new year 2013

Every year, most of us, partake in making  some sort of a new year’s resolution and although some actually carry it out in the following year, other’s drop the ball almost immediately. Either way, it’s a good way to look  forward to the new year and new opportunities.  

This year, while I debated my own personal new year’s resolution, I decided  one of them to be  a universal wish list for 2013 and here it is:


1. I wish parents would stop fiddling with their cell phones while being around their children. Whether it be across a dinner table, or in a park or at a mall, parents need to set a good example for  their children and it should start with putting their cell phones down while with them.


2. I wish more people would stop, if only once a week, and take the time to smell the flowers. I guarantee this exercise will give each person the opportunity to reflect on what is important in life and how to reprioratize to  sift out all the things that do not  really matter.


3. I wish those who are constantly angry, find a way to turn the anger into something positive and this can only happen, if you allow yourself to let go of  what ails  you from the past, so that all the good that is available out there, could find its  way into your life.  


4. I wish families would make every effort to have dinner together at least twice a week (if not more), without the television set being on and engage in wholesome and productive conversation instead.


5. I wish everyone ,who pretends they don’t have any free time,  to find it in their hearts to volunteer at a local youth organization or a senior home to brighten someone’s day any way possible. 

And what I wish for the most is a very happy new year to all those anxiously waiting for 2013 to arrive  just so they have the chance to start over again.

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