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Newly Opened Anthropologie Crush

Last weekend I decided to do some actual mall shopping rather than a few online ones. The hubs and I made a day of it, with our dog in tow, we drove to Stanford Shopping Center to (really check out the new wing plus renovations the mall had undergone in the last year plus) aaaand to do “shopping.”

What stood out for me was the two story Anthropologie store that opened, not sure exactly what day, but it was packed more so than any store and here’s the reasons why:


First the entrance – set up so perfectly Christmas


the vibrant colors in their decor choices


A hutch to consider if you so love Alice In Wonderland or that French cottage feel


unique dressers I adore and wish could fill my household with


Wall framing inspiration I appreciated


This sofa for my home-office would be the perfect fit when experiencing writers block or just a place to cuddle with a paperback


And the unique chandeliers, garden room, bridal wear upstairs and a restaurant all making up a beautiful world to escape into for an hour or two

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