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Decor: Office Envy

Not sure if anyone remembers, but back in January the management decided it was time to relocate our San Francisco office from SOMA down to Market street in an effort to ditch the high cost of office space rental in the city. SOMA is an up and coming and high in demand neighborhood for techy start up companies and the landlords around the neighborhood are simply kicking out old tenants in hopes of increasing their profits. Which has this local girl laughing – one because SOMA was not the most ideal neighborhood a couple of decades ago. In fact, it was the most abandoned until a dozen city planners, investors and engineers had the same vision to revamp and create the metropolitan city San Francisco was destined to become at one point or another. It was smart planning to say the least.

The second, with the real estate crash in early 2000, most of the buildings in downtown San Francisco were vacant and tenants would do anything to fill the floors – low leasing options, waiving certain fees, and two for the price of one deals. Now, those same tenants have become cut-throat businesses and are pushing the smaller companies and mom-pop stores out of the neighborhood for the more sophisticated eateries, boutiques and start ups.

So, we moved to a much less desirable building which had been vacant for many years –  a red flag for our management to consider, and who knows if they did. Nevertheless, it’s too late, we are stuck in the underground offices for as long as we plan to have a San Francisco presence. So, the staff are finding ways to make the best of the worst conditions.

Anyway –  here we go with a few unique office decor to help inspire employees into becoming the most productive version of themselves.

{source for the above photos}

Bringing the outdoor in helps with windowless spaces


If planning an office revamp, take these helpful tips into consideration 

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