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Travel: Things You Might Want To Know Vol 17

There is ample information about a destination when planning a trip – whether first time or the fifteenth, the volume of articles is extensive. However, on occasion, I prefer to focus and share on background travel details to, hopefully, help bring the world closer, and more relatable.

When I lived in the middle east for a part of my life – frequenting communal bathhouses were a way of life so this article about the coming back of a 700 year old bathhouse in Jerusalem sparked an interest since now those bathhouses are considered a SPA

If you are a history buff like myself – the location where Churchill and Eisenhower met to discuss D-Day should be of interest and how the strategy took shape

Are you just a little bit curious about the Vikings and their way of life and religion? This article is surely an eye opener

My need to go vegetarian has led me to this article about the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant 1898 – you might want to consider adding to your bucket list

What craziness – a French town which has remained intact for 1000 on an edge of a massive whole in the earth.

On another note – have you seen this Hulu television series from George Clooney – based on Joseph Heller’s classic novel. Gotta admit, it start out slow, but I am hooked. 

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