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Simply Missing Travel

Normally at the start of every year, I dot my travel plans on the calendar, which always includes a trip to Europe. Somewhere new and somewhere I’ve been before combined together to create an itinerary, usually for the fall.

This year, still with all the uncertainties, I have been privately thinking about a trip across the country, in an RV, and exploring some of these recommendations, which apparently are reminders of Europe.

Vineyards landscape at sunset in California, USA – to get a taste of Tuscany
Mount Hood Oregon = French Alps
a picture of an ocean view from the cliff walk in Newport Rhode Island = Similarities to Nice, France
New Glarus, WI, Wisconsin = Switzerland (one of my favorite destinations)
Frankenmuth, Michigan = Bavarian flare = Germany

Do you know anywhere else in the US that is a reminder of a country in Europe? I’d love to hear about it.

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