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Decor: Do Something Nice For Yourself Or Your Kitchen

I realized in recent weeks, while finding my way through a promotion, that I have neglected my home – in that working from home at all hours of the day and night to adapt to this new role had taken precedent over everything else that defines working on the home.

As some of us may know, or those of us overly organized minded, and meticulous, that in order to maintain order in the home, we must effort each and every spare second to tidy up. Well, it disappoints me to say that hasn’t happened in my household since the beginning of October.

One area in particular that needs attention, even though I keep clean and managed after preparing a meal, and serving the family, is the kitchen. Which I also feel needs an update – this part is slotted for the future: Repaint the current cabinets, replace the countertops, either retile the current floor or replace with hardwood (my favorite) and update the appliances.

Until then…I found the perfect inspiration to follow the steps into organizing the contents within each cabinet.

I do love the idea of drawers for the dishes. Have used the concept for years, but this organized approach is a great idea
Pull out shelves – should be used as often as possible – to avoid all the madness of stacking up and tossing actually all items in the unreachable back.
I doubt anyone’s under the sink cabinet has looked this organized and impressive enough to actually keep that door open
pull out spice racks is something every chef needs and even a prep nook for the bakers at heart
This refrigerator is now tagged for the roominess and the streamlines I admire in keeping the icebox always organized
The dream pantry for a larger home-
and the creative wonderful for the smaller kitchen

You’re welcome…

{source and inspiration from here}

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