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Thoughts On This Spring Day

Days and weeks have blended together once again, where I end up asking often what day of the week it is?

I keep saying lots is going on, and it is, which sadly has kept me from posting as often as I want to. But I do try to stay connected, and between the stressful moments in my day, I strive to see the most beautiful of things.

the beauty of all white is comforting to an aching soul. <source>
An old-fashioned ritual surely puts a smile on my face <source>
This kitchen would be where I spend most of my hours perched on a stool, or cooking a meal I’ve made up, circling the island, taking it all in, arranging flowers over the marbled sink, coffee or tea, a bite from an apple on display in the fruit platter…my time here would be endless <source>
In my story this would be a true vision of romance <source>
The need for a month of this…<source>

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