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Thoughts On This Spring Day

Days and weeks have blended together once again, where I end up asking often what day of the week it is? I keep saying lots is going on, and it is, which sadly has kept me from posting as often as I want to. But I do try to stay connected, and between the stressful moments in my day, I strive to see the most beautiful of things.

decor: chandelier talks

While growing up, my entire extended family, from aunts and uncles to cousins of my parents and family friends close enough to be referred to as family, had chandeliers in their homes. At the time, I hated them, don’t know why. Maybe, as a child I considered modern lighting to be the best in lighting. In my twenties, I began to venture into the world, traveling mostly to learn about decor, fashion, style, and even a little about history. With that, my appreciation for chandeliers flourished: {source: Veranda online}