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Lifestyles We Share

I think we can all agree and some may disagree that we have lots in common during this pandemic lockdown/half-lockdown/possible opening/maybe closing/much reservation in the season ahead – that we have found new ways to keep busy or distracted.

In my case, updating the house, swooning over travel destinations, cooking, watching movies on various apps, and tapping into my artistic side – oh and don’t forget walking, lots of walking (which I used to do anyway) I’ve never been a fan of the gym.

So this Thursday, while juggling a bathroom renovation, painting the kitchen cabinets to a lighter color – grayish-blue, and updating the bedroom, I am mostly focused on home renovations and what I am taking from each one:

leather armchairs have sparked my interest here
Window updates to bring in the outdoor indoor here
loving the pops of blue from here 6
Updating the backyard, and adding a deck ideas and costs explained here
appliance upgrade for this chef from here

What’s got you distracted, or busy these days?

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