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Back From Staycation

Last week I had no intention of being online for work or play while I took a few days off to come to terms with a milestone birthday 2020 style.

I did my best, drove out of town, day trips mind you, to places I haven’t been and some places I have and got a glimpse of how much different things are since the lock down. I was disappointed in some places, where folks did not wear their masks, and other places where too many people were grouped together for dinner or lunch. I felt very nervous, especially since the U.S. is not on track with recovery or making conscious efforts to adhere to the rules to help slow down the virus. As a result I am afraid that we may be headed for another lock down if we continue to play as entitled as we are bred in this country.

As it stands EU has rightfully banned American travelers from going abroad and who knows which other nations will follow suit? But I am going to pause this thought right now and instead share some bits of good in all the weirdness around.

Day one – Fort Baker in the fog – we drove from the city very early in the morning and was able to walk around as if we had reserved the entire place to ourselves. It was cold and windy and very foggy but nevertheless, a great kickoff to the staycation.

Fort Baker in typical June Fog in San Francisco – can you see the bridge?
Sausalito always fills my Lake Como wanderlust – since I was supposed to be there this week
We discovered Point Bonita lighthouse was open only Sunday-Monday so we ventured to the location and walked the narrow path to the cliff and discovered the lighthouse was actually closed, so we trekked to the highest point near Point Bonita and to my surprise got a visual of the lighthouse in the far distance. (this is a zoomed in photo)

Day two of my staycation, we drove to Calistoga downtown, which is about 60 miles or so from San Francisco. Arriving at seventy-thirty in the morning so that I could leisurely walk through the neighborhoods, and breathe in the fresh air. Calistoga’s small town feel was what I have been nostalgic about recently – remembering childhood family getaways to the hot springs, or pools.

I noticed an elderly woman, maybe in her late 80’s stepping out of her white picket fenced home and very determined began walking ahead of us and then stopped in front of what appeared to be Veteran’s Memorial. I stood ten feet apart from her to see what it is she was looking at and without asking, she told me that was her husband’s name on one of the plaques. Which prompted me to ask about him serving our country and she told me the story, about WWII, and the injuries he sustained, and the health issues he had thereafter. He died in 1964 she said, which left her a widow for 56 years. We said our goodbyes afterwards, and I watched her walk back the same path. I hoped that I made a small difference in her life of loneliness.

The best part of Calistoga walks was the tallest redwood trees on every street, shading the homes so perfectly
And the sweetest of Magnolias – I cannot get enough of – perhaps I need to move to Calistoga

Day three – we went on a Park adventure – across the Golden Gate again, to Marin this time or proximity in search of public parks and although we explored all the one’s listed here, my favorite was McNear Park – which currently is open but not populated due to the pool being closed. But nevertheless, it is definitely a place that I’ll be frequenting when I am longing to be in Hawaii 😉

Day Four – We stayed local and bought things for projects around the house, which I’ll share with you later.

Day Five – We drove up to Sonoma, to walk the fields filled with vines, so lush and so up close, it takes your breath away.

Have you yet experienced a 2020 style staycation? And if so where and when?

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