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Travel: From Affordable Luxury Vacations to UberBOAT Island hopping

As I stated earlier this week, we are coming to the best travel months of any year – you know, past the summer rush with college students and lots of families and group travelers crowding every city or town, most anywhere in the world. Driving the prices for accommodations to high season rates, and the locals to grow inpatient with all the chaos. I do my best to stay away the summer months and plan my trips in early Spring or Fall.

For this very reason – I have decided to share some interesting suggestions for those of you planning to vacation like me – semi-off-season, or what I like to call ‘adult vacationing’

Where to go on a day trip from London I always consider needing to escape the hustle and bustle of this popular metropolitan city

Twenty Luxury and Affordable vacation destinations to choose from

Uberboat Island hopping in Croatia – is on point. Consider the option

A surprise list of 66 things to do in Paris – some the norm while others a new concept to some. I know my favorite and I highly recommend is Bon Marche over Lafayette Gallerie – any day.

Vietnam’s Darling Golden Bridge is worth a trip to this exotic country

And last, 17 pet friendly hotels for those who simply cannot leave their four-legged family members home

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