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Lifestyle: Anxiety Defined

I’ve been a little on edge lately. It happens and I know it. But this round, I can’t figure out if there is actually a way to help myself not feel so wound up about even the smallest of issues.  I mean I try my best to rationalize, and adjust my lifestyle and dance around all the stress which lead to my anxiety, but sometimes it’s hard and everything does have a limit. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit anxious recently about this or that – you know the thing called YOUR LIFE, then for that reason, I have included a few helpful topics to consider. Just in case, like me, you are considering a few much-needed changes.

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in 10-Minutes or Less

You’ll Be Happier If You Let Yourself Feel Bad

Money management tips you should try for a week

Bad relationships can be between any two people where one person is the narcissist, and the other the empath

The health benefits of lemongrass

And finally, what do you think – is this a true statement?

The Strongest Women Are The Women With Anxiety.

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