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Lifestyle: Where Would You Celebrate A Milestone Anniversary

The bigger question is where would you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary or a birthday? I am a firm believer that milestone birthdays and anniversaries should be spent in style. I am not one who likes parties, so a private getaway with my family is the perfect celebration. I guess I am taking a survey as to where that celebration would be for you?

Lifestyle: Anxiety Defined

I’ve been a little on edge lately. It happens and I know it. But this round, I can’t figure out if there is actually a way to help myself not feel so wound up about even the smallest of issues.  I mean I try my best to rationalize, and adjust my lifestyle and dance around all the stress which lead to my anxiety, but sometimes it’s hard and everything does have a limit. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit anxious recently about this or that – you know the thing called YOUR LIFE, then for that reason, I have included a few helpful topics to consider. Just in case, like me, you are considering a few much-needed changes. And finally, what do you think – is this a true statement?