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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

I’ve been dreaming of cabin living, somewhere out in the woods  – perhaps near Tahoe. Funny thing is, if I was posed with the same question a decade ago, I’d say for sure the city, in a high rise condo overlooking the bay. But lately or even before COVID, I’ve been thinking of finding my way back to nature.  Kind of like a lifestyle  in this beautiful place blended so perfectly into its environment. Because of this need to bond with nature, I’ve been aiming to find walking trails or suburbian parks where I can simply soak up all the beautiful wonders in my neck of the woods, and even the man engineered ones. So this weekend, we are once again venturing across the Golden Gate, and allowing the road to take us to places we’ve never been.  Stay tuned for a recap. Until then, here’s what I’m thinking or wondering about, after reading this article and also before. Have you become a better or worse version of yourself since the lockdown?   If you had …

Lifestyle: Where Would You Celebrate A Milestone Anniversary

The bigger question is where would you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary or a birthday? I am a firm believer that milestone birthdays and anniversaries should be spent in style. I am not one who likes parties, so a private getaway with my family is the perfect celebration. I guess I am taking a survey as to where that celebration would be for you?

Lifestyle: Anxiety Defined

I’ve been a little on edge lately. It happens and I know it. But this round, I can’t figure out if there is actually a way to help myself not feel so wound up about even the smallest of issues.  I mean I try my best to rationalize, and adjust my lifestyle and dance around all the stress which lead to my anxiety, but sometimes it’s hard and everything does have a limit. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit anxious recently about this or that – you know the thing called YOUR LIFE, then for that reason, I have included a few helpful topics to consider. Just in case, like me, you are considering a few much-needed changes. And finally, what do you think – is this a true statement?