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Lifestyle: Where Would You Celebrate A Milestone Anniversary

The bigger question is where would you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary or a birthday?

I am a firm believer that milestone birthdays and anniversaries should be spent in style. I am not one who likes parties, so a private getaway with my family is the perfect celebration. I guess I am taking a survey as to where that celebration would be for you?

Capetown South Africa

South Hampton, USA

Would it be in a French Chalet in the Alps?

Rent A Villa in the Italian countryside – Cortona in this case?

Swiss Alps – The romance of Zermatt

Phuket Villa Wagmamjai – Thailand

Exterior Views – Nita Lake Estate, Whistler, BC. Luxury Retreats


  1. Anonymous says

    Swiss Alps. Never been and staying indoors with a snow covered view is always a good thing on a romantic getaway.

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