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Travel: Coastal Towns In Italy

You know, I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking – because if you are planning a trip to Italy in the Summer, plan with coastal towns in mind – as Rome, Florence and inner cities are always too hot and too crowded. And yes, so are the beaches, but the subtle breeze and the cooling effect of the water makes an Italian vacation the most memorable. For example: On another note – I’ve always imagined renting out an entire Villa overlooking some body of water in Italy and just exist for a few weeks, while allowing my creativity to shape another novel {featured image source}

Lifestyle: Where Would You Celebrate A Milestone Anniversary

The bigger question is where would you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary or a birthday? I am a firm believer that milestone birthdays and anniversaries should be spent in style. I am not one who likes parties, so a private getaway with my family is the perfect celebration. I guess I am taking a survey as to where that celebration would be for you?

Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Tortuga – Mustique Island

The very private Mustique Island, streamed across my screen the other day, while searching for a secluded island getaway I’ve been considering for a week long hideaway early summer in 2019. Just a hundred miles west of Barbados, just in case you are wondering, this island provides with me just the right amount of privacy, and the simplest pleasures to help you disconnect from the brutal realities of every day life. With a dozen or so villas to choose from to rent, and invite a close nit of family or friends to share in the experience. Although it was difficult to choose my favorite property, I have to say Villa Tortuga stuck with me and so the planning begins now with an email-invite to a handful of family members proposing for a trip in June 2019. Here’s to crossing my fingers we can make it happen. {featured image source}