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Wednesday Topics of Interest Or At Least I Think So

I have to admit; I am loving the downpour in the city. Especially in the early morning hours, where I am forced to wake up, thanks to my aging dog, who needs to eat at 0400 – otherwise all hell will break loose with him screaming – it feels like to a sleeping human. But I don’t mind really. I love the early hours in the day, where there isn’t a sound outside my window except for the gentle rustling of the leaves and the lulling sounds of the ocean. The house is even quieter, except for a few seconds, when the thermostat kicks in. 

As usual, I feed my dog, and switch on the coffee machine and then crawl back into bed, and I lay there for a bit, obeying the quiet, until my mind wanders off to – this particular morning remembering a decade ago in Austria. Where my hubs and I, with luggage in tow, in the very late hours of the night, walked in the pouring rain, from the train station to the hotel – which was much further than detailed by the attendant behind the information booth at the station. Soaked to the bone, and tired, we climbed up two flights of stairs to our room in an old villa turned pension, and jumped into the shower fully dressed. And we stood under the hot streaming water for the longest time, until our fingers defrosted.  The idea of that day made me nostalgic, as I finally got up to get on with my day. Naturally, finding a few topics while on the commuter train that needed sharing 😉


Fans of Downton Abbey – there is a new show in the works- Belgravia for ITV from the man behind Downton Abbey – Julian Felllowes, in the meantime, verse yourself with his novel.

Who would you love to have a chat with over English Tea and scones? I guess from the pic above, you might guess who I’d love to share share a pot of Earl Grey and some clotted cream.

For the love of this dining space  will floor to ceiling windows that are a must in my life- source: Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.

How disturbed are you with Global warming and all that is stored in our future – well if consumed by this topic, you might want to click on photo and read on

Curiosity is a good thing – especially for Trivia – and the fact I mostly watch football for the funny commercials – for that here’s a list of best Superbowl commercial for the year you were born –

{photo source here} Who remembers this Superbowl commercial? What’s your all time favorite commercial?

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