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Decor: Orange Is The Old and The New

During the winter months I crave color – orange is one I’ve come full circle  – in 2002 decorating my bedroom in burnt orange and other lighter hues perfectly extended to throughout other parts of the house, which at the time worked well with the Tuscan exterior style, track home we purchased in Sacramento.

Since then, I’ve toned down my colors to more shabby chic tones – grays, stone, ivory, sage, and light blue, as I mentioned here. But while making my rounds on Saturday to here, here, and here, I realize I may need to incorporate an orange accent pillow with my colors scheme.

And this one will do just fine to achieve the above bedding ensemble

And in case you are equally interested in orange – but not necessarily for the bedroom – here are some great ideas to consider.

Love the Renaissance look of this amazing writer’s desk and the perfect decor overall

Orange for the dinning room

An entry way

A formal sitting room

Or accents in general

An interesting bedroom for your guests is always fun

{photo source}


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