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Travel: America Made

I enjoy tourists – especially the ones that arrive in San Francisco in October – because they are well-travelled enough to know October and early November is the ideal time to visit the city.

The ones that make the trip across any body of water tend to plan an entire trip across the country. And then there are the locals who consider a weeks long trip to somewhere USA. For that here’s what I offer up:

My favorite – train travel and this one route is only 213US dollars and is the best according to Bazaar online. I have taken Amtrak many times within California and Ithe East coast and I have to say, it is truly a great experience indeed.

New England in the fall – will surely be the most memorable trip and here’s a list of 10 things to do there

14 Best places to spend Thanksgiving – if you aren’t into the Turkey and dumplings feast 🙂

Visit Seattle – one of the coolest destinations on the west coast

And my favorite of all – rent a cabin and simply disconnect


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